First varsity experience

I ran onto the soft Decatur Central turf, not knowing I was going to get the chance of a lifetime.

I had practiced with the varsity all week, but I was just helping the varsity get a good look on scout team. It’s not often freshmen get to go with the varsity guys, so I try to make the best of every chance I get. On Tuesday’s, practice our starting fullback was sick, and I was the next guy up. I did my best with every shot I got, and things took care of themselves.

I continued to play scout team the rest of the week and was still staying prepared in case my name got called on Friday. It was finally Friday, and I woke up to eat Waffle House with my dad. The school day goes by so slow because I can’t contain my excitement for the game and the weekend. During the previous game against Perry Meridan, I was called to go into the game, but I wasn’t listening or paying attention. This mistake is big and shows the coaches I am unprepared to play.

I wasn’t going to make the same the mistake this week I told myself on the long bus ride over to Decatur. As we arrive, I get into our locker room and get dressed quickly so I am prepared to go on the field with the other players. Once we finish our warm ups, we head back to the locker room one last time before the game.

The feeling I get when I run on the field with my team is a feeling that I can’t really describe with words. I was ready to play, but I wasn’t sure if I would get the chance to play this week, especially after my mental lapse last week. At the start of the game, Decatur Central had a hard time getting things going but bounced back with a score. This seemed to happen every drive, and next thing I know they are up 20-6 at the half. The third quarter was a lot of the same, and by the fourth quarter it was 33-12.

Whenever we are losing badly or winning big, that is when the younger guys get their chance. That’s when I got my name called; there is four minutes left in the game, and I was told to go into the game at halfback. I got my first carry, and, just like that a 18-yard gain. During my second carry I chugged my legs to pick up another 10, and then I realized I was seven yards out of the end zone. I got my named called one last time, and I ran one guy over, broke a tackle.

I was in the end zone for my first varsity touchdown.


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