Amazon to bring jobs to Greenwood

A new Amazon facility in Greenwood could bring jobs and boost the economy.
The plan to put an Amazon facility in Greenwood is running through the City Council. The proposed facility will package and distribute goods to other distribution centers.
“It’ll be a distribution center which means they’ll bring product in on one side and send it out in smaller volumes on the other side,” Mike Campbell, City Council President said. “It’s kind of a business to business distribution center that they’ll use to supply other distribution centers.”
The facility will bring in approximately 1,250 jobs and pay $14.65 an hour, roughly $30,000 a year.
“We will have more jobs for residents of the city, but also we will have an $80 million investment in the city where they will be paying taxes for the next 20 to 30 years,” Mark Myers, Greenwood Mayor said.
If the deal comes through the City Council, Amazon will put this facility on the Northeast corner of Worthsville Road and I-65. Greenwood will give them the land as well as a tax abatement.
“It really won’t cost Greenwood anything other than forgiven taxes,” Bruce Armstrong City Councilman said. “We won’t put anything in but there will be less taxes. If we don’t give them the abatement, they will pay $14 million in taxes. If we do, they’ll pay $7 million.”
There are bad sides to the deal as well, including the salary offered by Amazon for the jobs inside the facility.
“$30,000 a year is not enough for a family. It’s great for a high school or college student, but it’s nearly a poverty wage. You only get to redevelop an area once, and my concern is we’re giving up $7 million and the land.” Armstrong said.
The facility will also affect Greenwood, Johnson County and the surrounding area in more ways than one, good and bad.
“Directly, they’re bringing 1,250 jobs, and so because of the number of jobs that will be put in Greenwood, they’ll affect all of Johnson County and Southern Indianapolis,” Campbell said. “and that brings more people into the area which the way that works is whether they’re buying McDonald’s or they’re eating out at Cheddar’s. There’ll be more people, more consumption, more houses, more apartments and you’re going to see growth.”
While the city will see growth, it will also put stress on schools and businesses. Taxes from the facility will go the city and its redevelopment branch.
“What they have asked for, one of the incentives we offered, is a tax abatement, which is standard operating procedure with any new company that comes to town,” Campbell said. “and what that means is, there is a 10-year period we’ll abade, or not collect, some of the taxes that are due. Typically it starts out the first year we only collect 10 percent and it increases each year to where, when the 10-year period is up, we’ll be collecting 100 percent of the taxes.”

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