Translation program connects families

A new translation service will benefit ESL students and their families.

The service will make calls home much easier for ESL families. Some students must translate messages at home so their families can understand, but GHS wants to create relationships with the families around Greenwood just as much as the students. Timberlines sees this program as a step in the right direction. For specifics on what this translation service entails, see Haley Pritchett’s story in the news section.

Having this translation program means less responsibility is placed on students. When dealing with the stress of athletics, clubs, and homework, it could be easy for important information or deadlines to be forgotten. This program also reduces the risk of parents not receiving discipline information since the information is spoken directly to them.

Timberlines praises the administration and the teachers who worked to add this service because it shows we are making a strong effort to include students who may otherwise feel rejected or secluded. The school is able to connect with families more easily and create a standing, open relationship even though a language barrier exists.

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