The Nun disappoints

The Nun” is a new addition to a big collection of horror films, which include the “Insidious” chapters and the “Annabelle” films. The movie itself is a spinoff from “The Conjuring” series.

I attended the movie with my two friends, sophomores, Erick Cornejo and Chris Ping. I had a special insight on the functions of an Abbey and the practice of being a nun as Chris is Catholic. One note Chris thought it was important for me to understand was that most Abbeys do not have demons in their basements and assured me that it was just a dramatization in the movie. I was relieved to hear this.

The rising action involves a young nun named Sister Irene and an experienced priest named Father Burke from Rome who are tasked with investigating mysterious deaths at the Abbey. The duo enter the small, depressing town where the Abbey stands, and they immediately enlist the help of a handsome Frenchman named “Frenchie” for some reason, he was living in Romania.

One critique I have is of the forgettable characters and overall lack of character development. The priest had one sad backstory of an exorcism gone wrong; there is nothing else I can remember about him. The nun who accompanied him was just as boring. The only interesting thing about her was that the actress who played her (Taissa Farmiga) strangely resembled Greenwood’s own English teacher Mrs. Grider.

The acting could easily be described as a little under whelming. I would not say it is entirely the actors’ and actresses’ fault as the characters themselves were poorly written from the start.

I must say, many scenes were visually scary and authentic but for the most part the story was unclear and the characters were under-developed. Frenchie for example, had too many parts where it felt like the writer was trying to force him to be more likeable. Overall, there were an enormous number of clichés and lazy jumps cares. Surprisingly there were not that many plot holes other than some unexplained coincidences and a few instances of lazy writing.

I think Erick described the movie best when he said it seemed “rushed.”  Finally, I would grade this movie a D+. There was so much opportunity to create a terrifying film, but it was all thrown away to make room for a struggling plot.

I first heard about the film through YouTube ads, and there was a lot of hype for it initially, but one ad said that “The Nun” was so scary that they would only show a creepy painting of Valak. I have reason to suspect they did that not because the movie was that terrifying, but rather it was just severely lacking in plot.

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