Tennis prepares for tournament season

Fall sports are winding down regular season and preparing for tournaments.

The boys tennis team is preparing for the approaching Sectional tournament. Junior Charlie Brooks is confident that the team will perform well during tournament season.

“I am confident in my team, and I trust them a lot. I think we have a really good chance at both Conference and Sectionals,” Brooks said, “Sectionals will be tough, but we will be prepared.”

The team is stacked with talent, carrying many experienced players as well as promising underclassmen. Sophomore Nick Belovic plans to make a difference in the team’s tournament play this fall.

“We have all been working really hard all season to prepare for Sectionals because that is the main goal of the whole season, and as a younger guy, I have had to prove myself more. I am excited and hopeful for how we will do in our tournaments,” Belovic said.

Players have specific expectations for the team as a whole

“I expect our team to make it to the championship match- probably against Center Grove. They will be tough because they have really talented kids on their team and also come from a larger school, so we will have to be ready for them,” Brooks said.


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