Teachers working extra jobs

$51,870 is the average annual salary for high school teachers in Indiana. That’s almost $10,000 below the national average. Many teachers are forced to work coaching jobs and extra jobs during breaks to financially support their families.

Due to extra coaching jobs or second jobs, some teachers are not able to spend enough time with their families.

“I’m practically non-existent to my family during swim season,” Mr. Matthew Hockersmith, swim coach, said. “We have swim practice at 5 a.m. in the morning, and if we have a meet sometimes, I won’t be home until 9.”

Some teachers take up summer jobs or extra jobs to help pay off student loan debt.

“I worked at Chicago’s Pizza in the Summer of 2016 as well as over breaks to help pay off my student loans,” Mrs. Emily Gearhart, science teacher, said. “I would work 20-30 hour weeks, especially in the summer.”

It seems that one of the biggest reasons for working extra jobs is paying back student loans.

“Truthfully, the reason I work extra jobs is to help supplement my income as a teacher,” Ms. Mindi Neiswanger, Spanish teacher, said. “My student loan debt is so high I had to help supplement them with the extra jobs.”

Some teachers believe for the time and hours put in, they should have better pay.

“For how much time and effort we put into our jobs, a raise would be nice,” Mrs.Gearhart said. “But the reason we’re teachers is to teach. I enjoy spending time with students as well as teaching them.”

For what teachers are responsible for, some believe that they should be paid more.

“I think that teachers should be paid more, not just for the time on the job but the job itself,” Ms. Neiswanger said. “What we are responsible for doing.”

Ms. Neiswanger took up numerous extra jobs to help pay off her student loans, she took up many jobs in fields that she has an interest in.

“I run a CrossFit kids program as well as teach a CrossFit class for adults, I have a skincare business, and I also work part time for a lawn care company if they have big jobs,” Ms. Neiswanger said. “I chose those extra jobs because I have an interest in all those fields.”

Mr. Hockersmith knew that teaching is not a high paying job but still chose this career.

“As an adult I knew what I was getting into and took that responsibility, I knew coming into this I wouldn’t be a millionare,” Mr. Hockersmith said. “I have worked in other industries, and the time off here compared to the other industries is a huge benefit.”

However, working a part time job may not always be a bad thing. Prior to working for the school, Mr. Hockersmith worked at Applebee’s where his current wife was working at the time as well as teaching.

“Mrs. Hockersmith was actually working a part time job while also teaching, and she worked at Applebee’s with me and that’s where we met,” Mr. Hockersmith said. “I mean she totes started flirtin’ with me and at the time she lived by herself and had a ton of bills and took on a second job to help.”

Ms. Neiswanger said that teachers should not have to take up extra jobs to support themselves.

“I don’t think teachers should work a second, third, or fourth jobs, but if it is in their interest, they should,” Ms. Neiswanger said. “I think it should be their choice, but they shouldn’t have to.”

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