Students leave for experience

GHS seniors have the opportunity to leave the school for a business co-op, which is when they leave the school for their jobs. The other option the seniors have involves internships.

Senior Ethan Dyer interns for ATI Physical Therapy on 135, and he shadows Tami who is a physical therapist.

“I basically observe and watch Tami and a few other PTs, meet with patients and run them through exercises, then they do specific therapy, such as dry needling or massages. Sometimes, I can help with those things if they need me to or if I’m able to,” Dyer said.

Interning has helped Dyer better understand injuries and anatomy.

“I’ve learned a ton already, especially about anatomy and the way certain parts of the body affect others in ways that someone without previous knowledge would have never guessed,” Dyer said. “I’m slowly learning how each specific injury is treated. I just like learning about the profession I want to enter when I graduate college.”

Unlike Dyer, senior Cole Raker already has the profession he plans to have when he grows up.

“I work for my dad’s lawn care,” Raker said. “I’ve been working for him since 8th grade. I eventually get to take over the business.”

As well as Dyer, Raker also has hands on experience in his work field.

“I run a crew, so I do just about everything,” Raker said. “I mow, trim, blow off hard surfaces, and make sure the property looks nice for the customer. It has taught me how to treat customers, and how to take pride in my work.”

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