Sophomore soccer captain leads team

Aggressiveness, perseverance, dedication, focus: these are attributes that define good athletes. These characteristics have combined to make sophomore Olivia Brawley a captain of the girls soccer team.

Brawley, who has played for 11 years, was voted to be one of two captains for the Lady Woodmen.

“I think having [Olivia] as a captain with me is what I want as a captain and a senior. She contributes a lot to the team, she’s made a lot of the assists to the goals that we’ve scored so far and I think she’s a really good player,” senior Veda Craig, left-mid fielder, said.

As a captain, Brawley has to assist in leading the team and guiding the players to achieve their potential.

“I have to help people get to where they need to be on the field and just do my best,” said Brawley.

Although the team this year has lost some amazing seniors from last season, Coach Joseph Mushrush expects the girls to bounce back.

“I think that we have taken a step back compared to the last couple of years, but that happens when people graduate. The good thing is we have a great class of sophomores who all play quite a bit and are continuing to develop, so we have a lot of potential. Could we be where we were last year, two years from now? Absolutely,” said Coach Mushrush.

Craig said the girls are improving.

“We lost a lot of players, and we have a very young team, but so far we’re doing pretty well, and I think that we get better with every game,” Craig said.

Brawley’s coach has a lot of faith in her abilities as an athlete.

“[Brawley] is really good. She can definitely play in college, so if she just keeps doing what she’s doing and improve a few things, then I don’t see why she can’t,” he said.

Both Brawley and Craig work together to aid the team.

“Olivia hasn’t scored yet this year, but she does a lot more defending and passing. I think she’s more of a distributor. She and Veda work really well together. Both of them combined do really good things for us,” Coach Mushrush said.

The lack of experience is one obstacle the team is facing, but they remain hopeful.

“This year is a little rougher because not as many people have played before, a lot of people are new. We might have a few struggles along the way but every team has that,” said Brawley.

Coach Mushrush is already looking ahead to the upcoming years with Brawley.

“It’s nice when you have a captain who is a sophomore. I’m looking forward to a good end of the year that we can build on for next year too,” said Mushrush.

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