Power Hour Suspended

Stop being fools.

PowerHour has been suspended at least through today.

This means the one hour of time we had to eat lunch and work on homework or get help from teachers has disappeared.This is not just because of one fight.

Most of us have been abusing PowerHour for quite some time. We abandon trash throughout the halls, on the Senior Rug and in the cafeteria, assuming that someone else will clean up after us. We expect others to pick up our messes while we reap the benefits of having more freedom that comes with responsibility. It is not teachers’ or the janitors’ jobs to pick up our trays and scraps. We learned how to do that in Kindergarten.

Some students float around the hallway with seemingly no purpose other than to distract everyone who is using the time. We can be loud, obnoxious and cause scenes.

PowerHour was not designed for any other purpose than to enhance our academic careers. By acting out and by acting like fools in the hallways, we are disrespecting that purpose, and it is no wonder administrators want to take it away. Time and time again, we have heard announcements about the litter and our actions, but we keep ignoring them.

Each of us must make sure we conduct ourselves in a respectful and positive manner. Even if we are not being extremely productive, we can control ourselves and should not ruin PowerHour opportunities for our peers.

In high school, there is always drama. However, none of this drama seems ever to take place in class. It always seems to happen before school, during lunch or after school. PowerHour has brought on a lot of drama because we have down time. Too many hormonal and bored teenagers get together and have to find something to do. I know there will always be fights, but can we not wait until after school?

Treat PowerHour like a class. Respect it just as much as you respect your math class.

The sad part is that a minority of students are ruining PowerHour for the majority. But because the number of students not using PowerHour effectively seems to be growing, administrators were forced to act.

Students need PowerHour. It is a way for us to have meetings, to get homework done and to ask teachers for help. It is a great program, and I know I have benefited tremendously from it. So please, pick up trash, do not be disrespectful and stop the drama.


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