Nook moves to bookstore

When students walk into school in the morning, the smell of coffee and hot chocolate now fills their noses.

The Nook coffee shop, previously in the IMC, is now located where the bookstore used to be. Students are now able to get their coffee right when they get off the bus.

“It’s been great because there are many more students in the front of the building in the morning,” Mrs. Julia Reynolds media specialist and the Nook founder said, “so access is easier.”

There are plans to spruce up the shop in order to give the Nook a more “coffee shop” feel.

“We’ve added books from my own collection in the Nook, so students can have a little piece of the library, and it adds to our look,” Mrs. Reynolds said. “We plan to have more signage up soon.”

Students love the Nook. Junior Edward Simpson orders a hot chocolate every week.

“It’s very convenient to have a coffee shop in the school,” Simpson said.

Students can get a coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino for $1.50 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 7-7:30 a.m.

Students help Mrs. Reynolds in the morning work the coffee shop.

“I love being cashier for the Nook,” junior Ally Hussung said. “It’s a great way to meet new people, and I love seeing new faces each week.”

If students read books off of the Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award list, also known as Rosie books, they have opportunities to put their names in a raffle to win free drinks from the Nook. The raffle is sponsored by the PTO.

“The Nook’s Rosie Raffle is a great way to get students reading and in the library,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

Junior Faith Evans was excited to be the first winner of the Rosie Raffle. She read the Rosie book, Dear Nobody: the True Diary of Mary Rose.

“I was shocked because I put my name in the raffle that morning,” Evans said. “I did not expect my name to be called.”

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