Homecoming brings positive changes

Homecoming is composed of multiple activities that centers around the home football game and represents the fall sports. Although the festivities are a blast, much planning and preparation goes into each and every event planned by the student council.

“It’s hard to fill Foster’s shoes,” student council advisor Kara Applegate said. “There was a lot of preparation that went into homecoming. The first step was the dance because we didn’t want a formal dance, so we had to figure out how that would work with the location. After that, you have to figure out the parade, so you have to contact the firefighters and police. After they are contacted, then they contact everyone else you need. You also have to get a permit in order to close the streets down. The students worked really hard with their floats, hallways, working with court, and selling tickets.”

Homecoming week started off Monday, Sept. 10. The week started off with hallway decorating and spirit week. The spirit days last week were Monday: Ballers vs Scholars; where the upperclassmen dress up as athletes and the underclassmen dress up as nerds, Tuesday: Meme or vine day, Wednesday: class color day, Thursday: Decade day; freshmen were the 50s, sophomores were the 60s, juniors were the 70s, seniors were the 80s, and staff was the 90s, Friday was green and gold day. The hallway and float themes corresponded with each other. The freshmen hallway and float theme were their class color. The sophomores chose the theme of an arcade and “It’s game over Quakers” as their slogan. The juniors chose the theme Jurassic juniors with the slogan “We destroy like dino-mite.” The seniors decorated their rug and float with their class color, black.

“Spirit week could’ve been better with the day choices,” junior Edward Simpson said. “I know a ton of people who didn’t know how to dress for decade day, including me. I wore a Colts jersey and basketball shorts on Monday. On Tuesday, I wore a batman mask for batdad. On Wednesday, I wore a ton of green. I didn’t dress on Thursday. On Friday, I went all out with green and gold.”

Powderpuff was the next event in homecoming week. This event is when the guys are cheerleaders and girls are football players. The powderpuff game took place on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 7 pm on the football field. The class of 2020 won the powderpuff game this year with a score of 14-0 against the class of 2019.

“I thought powderpuff was entertaining, as always,” junior Nick Duffey, PA announcer said. “I feel like the sophomore and junior cheerleaders were really funny and prepared. The seniors didn’t really seem to practice, and there were no freshmen. The cheers seemed to be a lot more thought out this year compared to last year, and not as original. I wasn’t surprised at all when the juniors won. I knew they had some good athletes. I was just surprised they won in such a dominant fashion.”

The pep rally took place during school on Friday, Sept. 14 in the main gym at 2:30. Featured at this year’s pep rally were fall sport seniors, football players, cheerleaders, student council members, the woodman mascot, guest rappers, and the band. Some of the fall sport seniors were in a relay race in which they put on football gear, hit a volleyball 10 times, and hit a tennis ball with a racquet up in the air 15 times.

“My favorite part if the pep rally was the competition between the students,” Simpson said. “I wish there was more of that, but between students and teachers both. I felt pumped for the game after and at the pep rally.”

The parade started at 6 pm on Friday. It started at Freedom Spring, went on to Averitt Rd., then it turned onto Smith Valley Rd., and it pulled onto Woodman Blvd. for the conclusion of the parade. Student council members, homecoming court, and fall sport members from all Greenwood schools were in the parade. This year’s homecoming king and queen were Faith Jackson and Lex Logan.

“My favorite part of all of the homecoming events was the parade,” junior student council member, Katie Corliss, said. “I loved seeing all the little kids smile during the parade and then perform during half-time. Hearing all the laughter of the little kids made wearing the heat of the dinosaur costume worth it. This year we didn’t have any rain complications like my first two years, I was really happy with having a complete parade with a positive turnout. I finally got a worry free parade.”

The dance took place after the game in the activity complex. It started after the rough loss to Plainfield with a score of 34-21. The dance was a complete informal dance, and the theme for the dance was green gold. Any student who purchased their ticket ahead of time was able to get Chicago’s pizza and a drink. Senior treasurer Cole Mahan was the DJ for the dance. It was $5 per ticket either at the door or ahead of time. The dance ended at 11:15 pm.

“There were multiple reasons the dance was on a Friday this year,” Applegate said. “We wanted to save the formal dance for prom so juniors and seniors have something to look forward to. I just want juniors and seniors excited about prom rather than a homecoming dance. It also frees up a Saturday night for students, and it is trying to find chaperones for the dance on a Saturday rather than a Friday after the game. We have gotten a lot of thank yous and positive feedback from the dance, so I think it went pretty well.”

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