Fun things for families to do this fall

Looking for some fun activities this fall season? Check out the most popular places Indiana has to offer.

Conner Prairie holds a headless horseman hay ride every year from Oct. 11 – 28 from 6-9p.m.  The presale prices is $17 for Fridays and Saturdays and $13 for Thursdays and Sundays.  Another option at Connor Prairie offers is the corn maze. This year they have three paths to choose from: a path for younger children, a path for teens and adults, a new path filled with spooky surprises. Junior Lily Skeen went last year.

“They did the town up as a haunted place,” Skeen said. “They had a guy there; he was a scientist. He had project going on. They had a hayride there. it was with the headless horseman. He tailed after the hayride. That was very fun.”

Hannah Haunted Acers has six attractions: the Hannah Haunted hayride, the Field of Fiends, Blood Barn, Carn Evil, Outbreak, and Blackout.  Hannah haunted hayride is their signature event described as “a well passed roller coaster cruising through the dour woods with all possible nightmarish creatures lurking about.”

“It was scary,” Skeen said.  “They had people dress up like monsters. They would jump up on the hayride on the tractor’s railing and get into people’s faces.”

Lily Skeen had plenty of fun during her time on the hayride and recommends this attraction to those who are wanting to get really scared. She would not recommend any younger children being present, or participating in the hayride.

Junior Ileni Montavlo described her time on the Hannah Haunted Acers ride.


“I went on the tractor,” junior Ileni Montalvo said. “It was very scary, I was terrified. It was really interactive you got really close, object were really close to you. The details were very nice. It was amazing.”

The Fields of Fiends is a cross between a haunted house and a corn maze. The blood barn is a red colored barn where tourists can walk in and see what looks like animalistic doings. The Carn Evil is described as “nothing but the unknown.” They have clown and jokers who surround the group and terrify them to “the brink of madness”. The Outbreak is a zombie-inspired attraction. They will have the families walk down the hallways awaiting for their next scare. The Blackout is a dark labyrinth where customers can walk through the dark hall, trying not to get lost.

Hanna Haunted Acres isn’t the only place to go to get ready for the upcoming spooky season. The Indianapolis Zoo is well-known for their family-friendly fall activities and Halloween events.

The Indianapolis Zoo holds an event called the ZooBoo. The admission for this event is free for members, and is included in regular admissions for a 1 day pass. The cost for these regular admissions are $17.20 for children ages 2-12, $22.70 for adults, and $20.45 for senior citizens. Anyone 17 or older can volunteer to help out at the Zooboo if they send their applications to

The Zooboo has fun and family-friendly activities, like the pumpkin town, zoo animals, costumes, trick-or-treat trail, broomstick alley, round-go-merry, and animal enrichment.

“I went to the Zooboo,” junior Maeci West said. “It wasn’t very scary. It’s suitable for all ages.”

The Pumpkin Town is a little village set up in the Bicentennial Pavilion. There is a candy corn factory mirror maze. Jack’s Barn has creatures guests can see. The guests can see the fostered cats by going to the Bewitching bites. Families can even enjoy their evening with pumpkin bowling.

Children are encouraged to wear costumes and bring trick-or-treating bags, but the zoo staff will only allow children ages 12 and under to wear masks and full makeup for safety reasons.

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