Fan section cheers on FNL

Friday nights at GHS consist of bright lights and chanting, “We are the Woodmen. Couldn’t be prouder.”

The cheerleaders’ job is to lead the cheer and get the crowd excited and loud, but the responsibility can be tough to execute while down on the track. Fan section leaders are appointed to help lead chants, communicate with the cheerleaders, run flags and announce themes. This year’s fan section leaders were chosen by the 2018 graduates and are holding up the tent this football season.

“I was chosen to be a fan section leader this year because of how I responded last year. I followed what the seniors said and chanted loudly, followed the themes and always had school spirit,” senior Lauren Battinau said.

Multiple leaders keep the peace in the fan section.

“Being a leader is fun and sometimes difficult because of lack of cooperation, but with enough of us, it works out. Running the flags is exciting, and when everyone participates in the cheers and gets hyped up, it is really fun,” senior Ethan Dyer said.

Fan section members prove that high school memories can be made without participating in football or cheerleading or marching band, activities that are under the lights on Friday nights.

“My favorite part about the section is getting out outfits together and being able to dress up for the themes and just be with my friends,” senior Holden Clancy said.

The cheerleaders appreciate the fan section leaders helping organize the crowd chants.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to communicate to the other fan section members, especially the freshmen, because they are higher up and it gets loud, so we like having the fan section leaders there to help pass the word up of a chant we are about to all do together,” senior Jesse Schiabley, cheerleader, said.

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