Dad bods vs. ab bods

Good news ladies, whether you are slim thick, a skinny queen, or P.H.A.T phat you will have no worries finding a significant other who likes your curves, or in my case lack thereof. Unfortunately, guys, if you don’t fall into one of two categories – ab bods or dad bods – you seemingly don’t exist in today’s society.

This leaves me with one of two preferences: either sinking into curvy, pillow-like stomachs or feeling defined muscles and angles when cuddling, going for the swim-shirt guy or the bro-tank dude, and either the couch or workout bench.

In my case, I go for the ab bod, the body type that makes me feel like I’m hugging a fence, but in a good way; however, I am not specifically attracted to this body type. Apparently I go for the fast metabolism bods. I am a 5’2’’ gymnast who practices four hours almost every night, and when I hang out with my boyfriend, I do not want to talk about how much he benched that day or what his new favorite muscle milk flavor is. I want to lay on the couch, pizza and soda in arms’ reach, and watch Netflix. If my significant other is not into this, then I am not into him. Fortunately for me, I found an active significant other with a fast metabolism like me. This allows us to be as lazy as we want and eat as much as we possibly can.

I am not completely against dating a dad bod, but I would rather date someone who can eat without being constantly paranoid of crossing the threshold from dad bod to grandpa gut. I have never worried about what I eat because I can rely on my metabolism; therefore, if I am dating someone with a little extra cushion, I do not want to be affected by his occasional healthy eating habits to maintain his weight. This also goes along with ab bods; I do not want to date a muscle man who only eats boiled chicken. I want the perfect median, and luckily I have found it.

Yes, my boyfriend has abs. Yes, he is a fit athlete, but he still enjoys over eating and then laying on the couch to work it off without worrying how it will affect his body. I am not attracted to a specific body type, I am attracted to someone who is comfortable in his own skin and embraces who he is.

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