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Sophomore soccer captain leads team

Aggressiveness, perseverance, dedication, focus: these are attributes that define good athletes. These characteristics have combined to make sophomore Olivia Brawley a captain of the girls soccer team. Brawley, who has played for 11 years, was voted to be one of two captains for the Lady Woodmen. “I think having [Olivia] as a captain with me is what I want as

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Nook moves to bookstore

When students walk into school in the morning, the smell of coffee and hot chocolate now fills their noses. The Nook coffee shop, previously in the IMC, is now located where the bookstore used to be. Students are now able to get their coffee right when they get off the bus. “It’s been great because there are many more students

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Lead Sports Summit inspires the next generation

This past Labor Day weekend, I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the second annual Lead Sports Summit. This event is a four-day swimming conference created by three-time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce. During the summit, there are many keynote speakers and informational talks. Professionals in different subjects–such as leadership, sports psychology and nutrition–talked and educated 127 teenage female athletes on

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