Back to Informal Dance

Student council does a phenomenal job planning for homecoming every year, from selecting the spirit week themes to decorating hallways. I do think that this year’s homecoming was attended as previous homecomings have been.

Homecoming tends to be the event that girls and boys spend money on for a three hour dance that involves more socializing than dancing, so for this informal dance it only involved a simple “yes” or a “no” and a purchase of a $5 ticket. Usually a ticket for a formal homecoming dance is $8 for singles and $11 for a couple. For the informal dance, students were allowed to wear the clothes that they were wearing at the football game straight into the event held in the student activity center. Students still had the privilege to have a “date” from another school, but they must have had a form filled out.

This years’ homecoming involved more of feeding students food than giving them small snacks. The tickets that the students purchased during the week of ticket sales were part of a meal purchase that included pizza and a drink. The pizza was purchased from none other than Chicago’s Pizza.

Over 200 students attended this homecoming event specifically because it was about school spirit, and not so much about an outfit this year. The whole purpose of homecoming is to celebrate the love for football and the season coming to an end.

I am not saying that students had to attend our informal homecoming, since it was about two hours, but it was convenient to someone, especially band members who have never attended a homecoming dance tt9o have an experience. Band competitions are on Saturdays and usually they are competing at the same time the dance is going on, or cannot enter because they are not wearing appropriate attire to attend the dance.

Even if students are unhappy about our homecoming this year and how it went about, they should remember that prom is still yet to come in April (upperclassmen attend and lowerclassmen can if invited by an upperclassmen) and that they had a chance to vote for who gets to lead the school with events like these. If students really are leaning more towards having a formal homecoming for next year, then I suggest joining student council and voicing their voice.

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