Women of Will Contract

The Volleyball team charges the court, with “Women of Will” patches and head to toe in Under Armor gear with the goal to get female students encouraged and empowered in the wide world of sports.

“Greenwood High School is the first in the nation to be a part of the ‘Women of Will’ program, and we signed with them for three years,” Athletic Director Rob Irwin said. “The contract is where Under Armor sponsors and supports female athletics. We are going to put up banners about the program and spread the word.”

The program directly affects girls’ athletics.

“The players are supposed to wear Under Armor, and we will have little patches that promote the program,” Mrs. Brittany Runge girls golf coach said. “Personally, I think it’s a great way to get more girls in sports. I am really excited for what the program will do, and I’m glad that Under Armor is supporting such a great cause.”

Many coaches agree.

“The program I know encourages strong female leaders and gets them more involved in sports,” Mrs. Emily Gearhart volleyball coach said. “The program is very recent and I can’t wait to see young female leaders grow with this program.”

Coaches of female sports have all felt the program is a great way to empower female athletes.

“I think the program involves community service projects in the future but I’m not sure, the program is still very new,” Mr. Justin Bennett girls basketball coach said. “I see a lot of room for growth for good players and I think this program is a great way to help that along,” Bennett said.

Players had similar opinions

“I think it’s a great idea. It promotes a lot of good and positive things for female athletes,” senior Laila Stein girls golf player “In golf I think we are going to wear patches to promote the program.”

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