We should make up days using technology

The snow blows hard outside, but students everywhere are curled up in blankets and doing their homework.

The winter season of schoolwork is the hardest for me. Between holiday festivities, the new semester of school just beginning and extracurricular activities, I don’t have a day to waste.

I love snow days as much as any other person. Last year, I spent an entire snow day watching as many Marvel movies as humanly possible with my best friend. However, if teachers give students mandatory assignments to work on at home online so snow days do not have to be made up, I will support it in a heartbeat.

GHS does not have many makeup days to spare. There are three built in snow makeup days, and those days without school give students something to look forward to. In the case of a snow armageddon, I would prefer not to have days added onto the end of the school year. I would much rather take the canceled school day and work productively. There is honestly not much to do on snow days, especially if the roads are icy. Assigned work would give students something to do in order to be productive and stay on top of things.

Many teachers have all of their lessons in digital format to begin with. It would be easy and efficient on a snow day for teachers to upload their daily plans onto Canvas for students.

As beneficial as working on snow days is, I am aware that some students are unable to access the internet at home. However, most of them have the means of communication to be able to contact fellow students and ask them what needs to be done. Students can ask friendly neighbors if they can use their WiFi. Xfinity through Comcast offers reduced internet prices for students who participate in the National School Lunch Program, so students have plenty of ways to access the internet outside of school if they are intentional about finding them.

Overall, doing work on snow days is fine by me because students have been given the resources to complete it fully, and they will not have to makeup school.

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