Teachers tie the knot

This past summer, two teachers put a ring on it.

Mr. Christian Cruze math teacher proposed to his long-time girlfriend, athletic trainer Mrs. Liz Cruze, by throwing her off guard in the middle of a boys’ basketball game at center court.

“I proposed during halftime during the boys’ varsity basketball game,” Mr. Cruze said. “She didn’t even know I was there. I was basically walking around the school for the first half of the game. When I walked out onto the court and started talking, she was just like ‘What is he doing?’, so I proposed to her right there in front of everyone.”

There is no doubt Mrs. Liz Cruze was surprised when he popped the question.

“I was not expecting it at all,” she said. “I never thought he would propose to me in front of everybody like that, and I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was in work mode. We get to half time, and he’s sitting there talking, and I’m like, ‘Why’s he talking? I didn’t even know he was here.’ Then, it just hit me all of the sudden. What was happening? Everything just slowed down. You just soak everything in because you know you’re never going to get it back. You just take it in and enjoy it as much as possible. It’s cliche to say, but it’s so true. You know there is everyone else there, but it just felt like the two of us in that moment. There was nobody there, and it was just us. It was beautiful and sweet. He said all the right words. I was definitely shocked.”

After living alone, the company and support of your significant other is pleasurable to come home to.

“I love being married,” Mrs. Cruze said. “I love being able to come home, and there is another person there. It’s an adjustment. I don’t always get to watch what I want to watch, but you have to compromise sometimes. It’s one of those things that’s like, ‘Okay, this is life now. Here we go. Let’s go tackle some adventures.’ You know that whatever is in your way, you’re not going through it alone anymore. You will always have someone there that is committed to you. There’s two of you now facing it instead of having to face stuff alone.”

Ms. Flanagan Spanish 2 teacher, now Mrs. Ferguson, got married on June 15 at Valle Vista. She married Mr. Mike Ferguson.

“It was a big wedding. There were about 200 people there,” Mrs. Ferguson said. “I had family from California all the way to New York and Florida to Illinois come. I basically had the whole map.”


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