Teachers earn Masters degrees

During the day, teachers educate students about their subjects, but at night, some of those teachers become the students.

“I’m going back to college because I am able to get a master’s degree at a reduced rate as long as I keep my grades up, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” Mrs. Ashley Smithey, English teacher, said. “I am getting my degree so that I am eligible to teach ACP. I think it will be a good challenge and help me be a more well-rounded teacher. I was accepted into the ACP teaching program, and because of this, IU offers courses for free except for textbooks.”

This program is to get dual credit teachers to meet the regulations of the Higher Learning Commission. Several teachers have participated in the program. Mrs. Brittany Runge, math teacher, is one of them.

“It’s a requirement to teach ACP and AP classes,” Mrs. Runge, math teacher, said. “I’m trying to teach calculus, and it is an ACP class now. This whole thing is through IU. Doing this will make me an adjunct professor. I’m considered an extension of IU now. To be honest, I miss being a student, and this program is going to bring me back to my college days. I personally love the program, and I’m glad to see the school is investing in teachers.”

The teachers going back are getting their master’s degrees. Some teachers are not going to teach dual credit classes but are working toward their master’s anyway.

“I’m going back to get a Master’s in Education/ Science Education,” Mr. Josh Gimbel, science teacher, said. “My initial degree from Purdue was not in education. I went through IUPUI’s Transition to Teaching program to get my teaching license. I got half of my master’s already, and I would love to finish it. AP/ACP classes show that you are up to the challenge in learning advanced knowledge which is what most colleges are looking for.”


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