Sister’s the Korean restaurant


In the quiet dining room of Sister’s, plate after plate arrives of the most unusual foods.

The Korean restaurant off of Main Street, near Emerson, is one of the calmest restaurants ever visited. There is usually at most five other groups in there; the atmosphere is rather quiet and comfortable like they were at their own homes. The three ladies who run the restaurant are extremely kind, and want nothing more than for guests to have nice meals.

The food there is interesting; quite a few of the items are spicy. They give the customers an appetizer of kimchi pancakes, which come with a sauce. The customers also can order other appetizers, such as one or both of the two different kinds of dumplings that are Korean and Japanese style. The customers do not have to order sides because the owners provide multiple small dishes of all kinds of things ranging from seaweed to cucumber.

The service is amazing. They come to check on customers approximately every ten minutes to see if they are okay and need drink refills. The servers are the owners themselves so guests can actually get to meet the amazing women who decided to share their culinary culture. One of the best entrées they have is the steamed and spicy short ribs at $20.99. They come in a clay pot and are only one serving. Another good entrée is the Bulgogi clay pot; it is tender beef marinated and broiled and comes with vegetables at $18.99.

Although the prices may be a little high, the quality of the food is splendid. The appetizer called kimchi pancake is the most popular at $12.99. Many people would be repulsed by the idea of squid stir fry, but once they try it, they would know that the $16.99 price is worth it. Sisters also offers a variety of spicy dishes, such as kimchi chigae, which is $13.99.

They only have two desserts. The first is simply ice cream; customers can get vanilla or green tea for $3.99. The second dessert is a native Korean dessert called Potbingsu; customers have another two choices of sweet red bean paste or fruit. It can easily be mistaken as ice cream itself. They serve it in a bowl with rice cakes, crushed ice and ice cream. They then mix it up until it look similar to oatmeal.  The Potbingsu is very good for hot summer days for $9.99.

Overall, the restaurant was amazing and everyone should try going there.


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