Should YouTubers be paid as much as they are?

When we get on YouTube, we see creators and gamers with millions of subscribers and millions of views per video.

These people are making thousands of dollars per video and millions a year. They are as popular as movie stars and pro athletes. So it raises the question: do they deserve this much money?

I believe they do. These creators put hours of time into each video and make quality content that is just as good as Hollywood movies. These videos provide countless hours of entertainments for people all around the world and can be inspirational. Many YouTubers use their popularity as platforms to spread a positive message.  They provide positive words and help others through their videos, even if they don’t know it. These creators take their jobs seriously and use equipment and techniques that professionals use.

Many YouTubers use video games as entertainment and are able to make millions of dollars from donations and sponsorships as well as views to their streams. They use their platforms of video games, where streamers such as Ninja get millions of views, for a positive influence. These creators are extremely talented and provide entertainment for millions of people, so there is no reason why they should not be paid. An actor could be given the same description, and there is never a question whether or not he should be paid well. If someone is talented enough to generate the popularity that many YouTube creators do, there should never be a question of whether they should be paid.

One reason people think YouTubers should not be paid well is because there are certain people who are not talented and resort to doing stupid and disrespectful stunts for popularity and views. These select few give a bad reputation for all creators and make the YouTuber title not sound like a legitimate profession. In reality, these people are skillful entertainers who provide entertainment and inspiration to millions of people.

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