PowerHour lifting provides outlet

Students seeking a workout should consider going to the weightroom during PowerHour.

P.E teachers opened up the weight room when PowerHour started last year.

“We started it last year when we started PowerHour,” Mr. Jay Yates said. “It’s supposed to only be students of mine, Coach Smiley or Miss Dyer.”

Freshman Shawn Wagoner is a regular in the weight room.

“The thing that inspires me the most to come in here during PowerHour is that I’m not as strong as most people. It also brings peace to me and calms me down,” Wagoner said.

Like Wagoner, lifting represents something emotional to freshman Andrea Garrett.

“I usually don’t feel as powerful, but lifting makes me feel like I can do anything. It inspires me,” Garrett said.

Students are welcome to come in and lift as often as they want.

“They are able to come in here and lift on their own. We don’t give them a routine; they can come in here and work out on their own with supervision. That’s why they have to have at least had us in class before so they know what to do in here and what not to do,” Mr. Yates said.

For some students, lifting has become a part of their daily routines.

“I’ve come in every day besides Wednesday because of PowerHour,” Garret said.

Many students who come in are not enrolled in APC.

“I am just doing this for PowerHour now, but I plan on joining APC so I can get in better shape,” freshman Jakobie Walker said.

Lifting during PowerHour has been a positive experience overall.

“I think the kids who come in here enjoy getting a work-out in. For some of them, it is an extra work-out outside of class. I think that it has been positive,” Mr. Yates said.


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