Photography class attend Indiana State Fair

On August 14, students in photography class headed toward the State Fair for $2 Tuesday.

“The field trip was to help get a feel for the cameras and start working on the first element of photography we learned, ISO,” junior Ryan Pruitt said. “ISO is one of the 4 factors that go into taking good photos.”

The classroom wasn’t cutting it for the photograph class, so Ms. Denise Roberts, photography teacher, took the students on a field trip to the state fair.

“Digital photography is a new course at the high school, and I think we need to get out about to get photos because how many times can you take a photo of the inside of the school,” Ms. Denise Roberts photography teacher said.

Some of the new fair foods introduced this year were fried cookie dough, pickle stuffed corndogs, deep fried chicken and waffle sandwiches, and caramel apple elephant ear.

“I expected to see a bunch of people, rides going, and concessions with weird food,” junior Catherine Blystone said. “The rides didn’t start until noon, but there were tons of concessions all over the place with types of fried food or special desserts.”

Ms. Roberts bravely endured students’ problems while on the trip.

“I was constantly on the GroupMe helping solve kids’ problems on things that were happening, like: batteries that were dying, somebody thought she deleted all of her photos, but she really didn’t. I walked around and ate a corndog, and I enjoyed a lemon shake-up,” Ms. Roberts said.

The swine barn held approximately 2,300 pigs, including the largest male swine and champion sow and litter. The sheep barn held approximately 1,300 dairy goats and sheep from the Sheep to Shawl Contest. All of the shawls from the contest were displayed in the art building.

“There was a lot of food and animals, especially cows,” junior Leeah Riley said. “There was a whole soccer team from this one school, and they were all trying to win a fish. They got excited over it, and it was so funny. I expected to see the llamas because every year I go I always see the llamas, but we walked around everywhere trying to find them, and we couldn’t find them.”

Being in a different environment than the school helped some of the students in the class grasp the concept of the class and how cameras work.

“The field trip helped me get a feel for what the class is going to be like, and it helped me start learning how to use cameras,” Pruitt said.

Riley agreed.

“The field trip made photography a lot more fun because we actually got to go out places besides the school and get photos,” Riley said.

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