Customers perform at Friday night karaoke



Friday nights at Mrs. Curl in the summer are filled with Frozen sing alongs and eager children.

Mrs. Curl hosts Karaoke from 6-9 p.m. every Friday from June to mid-August. There is a hefty song selection of kid-friendly music and a small stage set up at the back of the building. This is where all the magic happens.

I arrived at 7 p.m. and not much was happening. Two younger looking men went up and sang “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” which appeared to be an attempt to get a reaction out of the girls they were with. The girls seemed to love it; the rest of the crowd, however, was unamused.

After that performance, no one else volunteered for another hour. The manager brought out popcorn and encouraged people to sing. Finally after offering a free cone to whoever was willing to go up and sing next, a brother and sister entered the stage. They started off with “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.” They really got into the song and progressively got louder and louder. It was kind of the cutest thing ever, and their mother thought so too as she videotaped them.

Next, a little girl confidently stepped onto the stage. She did not need music. She sang a song off the top of her head, and everyone went silent. When she was done, the whole crowd cheered. She said thank you and skipped off the stage.

After her, multiple little kids were eager to be stars. They ran up to the stage, and all chose to sing songs off the Frozen soundtrack. I am being haunted by them. It is safe to say that I am not in the mood to build a snowman and I wish everyone could just let it go.

Finally the Frozen madness stopped. Three blonde children went up onto the stage; it appeared that they were siblings. Together, without any music or lyrics on the screen, they sang”You Are My Sunshine” and swayed back and forth to the music. It was my favorite part of the night.

I would say that the karaoke at Mrs. Curl is not designed to be a major event. It is a bonus to the already great atmosphere of Mrs. Curl on a summer night.

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