GHS welcomes new teachers


New.  A single word that scared some people. However we are always experiencing it, from new words we learn to meeting new people.

GHS has grown over for the past five years, and with the constant increase of students, there comes the constant need for teachers. Between the new students and the new teachers they all care about the same thing, success.

“I want my students to know that I genuinely care about them succeeding and doing what’s best for them,” Mrs. Cathryn Grider, English teacher, said. “I’m looking forward to celebrating their successes.”

Teachers hope to build relationships and get to know their students. Studies show that students who get to know their teachers are more likely to ask questions and perform better in class.

“I’m looking forward to building lasting relationships,” Ms. Laura Cinnamon, English teacher, said. “I’m helping them best to succeed.”

Hopefully by building relationships, students start to trust their teachers.

“I hope that the students know that when they enter the door that I’m there for them,” Mrs. Lanna Smith, math teacher, said. “I’m an open book; they can come to me for anything.”

The goal for most of the new teachers is for their students to succeed and learn.

“I am looking forward to my students improving on all levels of communication of French,” Ms. Nina Gondola, French teacher, said, “from better speakers, better readers, and better writers.”

Teachers are not perfect, and because of that, most are open to suggestions on better ways to teach.

“My students don’t need to be scared to correct me or bring suggestions of any ideas,” Ms. Gondola said. “I want them to enjoy themselves and be life long learners.”

Greenwood seems to be as a whole an overall great community for new teachers.

“It was a really easy choice, I taught at Whiteland and my cousin went here,” Mrs. Smith said, “I’ve always heard about Greenwood and now that I’m here I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Choosing Greenwood however seemed to be an easy choice for most.

“My sister, Mrs. Senac, teaches here as well,” Mrs. Grider said, “and she has always talked about how this school is one big family.”

Some teachers though hope that their students learn from their previous choices.

“I wasn’t actively looking for a job, I had just finished my student teaching,” Ms. Gondola, said, “and an opportunity opened up here at GHS and I took it.”

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