First Harvest Boutique opens doors

In Greenwood, boutiques are starting to pop up and become popular.

With the owners having only nine days to turn what used to be a BestBuy mobile shop into a boutique, Matt and Kimme Bridges took on the challenge to get their second store up and going before opening day. Shoppers in the Greenwood Park Mall area have a new place to visit, as First Harvest opened its doors on Aug. 4.

“First Harvest comes from Proverbs 3:9 which says to give the first of your harvest to the Lord, so 10 percent of the proceeds go to an organization called Mercy Multiply. Mercy Multiply brings women who suffer abuse or are victims of sex trafficking to a place free of charge where they are taken care of. The women are helped by recovering spiritually, mentally and physically,” owner Mr. Matt Bridges said.

Matt Bridges works alongside his wife, who runs their boutique business that was first started in The Fashion Mall at Keystone. Matt started out taking photos for the website store and shipping out the clothing but slowly started noticing what his wife was doing. Two years later, they are running their second store in Greenwood.

“I was born and raised in the southside, and I actually went to Center Grove High School, so Greenwood is like home to me. My wife has been here for five years since she is originally from Texas. Indiana really does not have much of boutiques, so she noticed that right away since it is a big thing back in Texas. We took our savings, and we decided to take a risk on launching online. After finally deciding to not just sell online, our first store was opened and right away. We received success at the Fashion Mall at Keystone. Here in Greenwood, we see so much potential for our second store,” Bridges said.

Most retail stores have themes that make customers want to come again.

“Our store has a bohemian-sheek country style, and I really wanted to bring trends to the Midwest. We’ve had so much go out of stock the first time we decided to launch the online store that we could not keep up. We are currently thinking about expanding our store even more, and hopefully Texas will be our next store location. Our ultimate goal is to expand internationally,” Mrs.Bridges said.

There is no doubt that the GHS students occasionally shop at the Greenwood Park Mall. Many teens shop at the mall to find the latest trends and clothes to wear for the season. Many students have passed by the First Harvest Boutique, and some attended the grand opening day.

“I was at the First Harvest Boutique opening day, and I went inside to check out what kinds of clothes they had. There were so many types of clothing that I know girls my age would wear. I also loved how warm and welcoming it felt the moment I stepped in,” senior Kathie Wholbrey said.


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