Mr. Hensley closes out career

Throughout the years, there has been one constant in the hallways as Mr. Bruce Hensley taught hundreds of students.

A 1973 GHS graduate, Mr. Hensley began teaching at the school in 1984 after attending Franklin College and teaching at Decatur High School first. Mr. Hensley always saw teaching and coaching in his future, even as a high schooler.

“I think I was in high school when I knew this was what I wanted to do. I was highly involved in sports, and I loved math,” Mr. Hensley said.

Although he always taught math, Mr. Hensley has been rooted in sports too, and before being known as the basketball coach, he coached a multitude of sports.

“When I was at Decatur, I was an assistant football coach and I coached cross country,” Mr. Hensley said. “I was also an assistant football coach at Greenwood for a year.”

It may seem as if this has always been a plan to be at GHS.

“Not really. I started teaching at Decatur Central. I did not plan to come back to Greenwood, but I am glad it worked out. I know I always planned on staying in this area,” he said.

Mr. Hensley has had hundreds of students come through his class room for years and has made a good impression on many.

“He is very straight forward with his teaching,” freshman Ethan Haessig said. “He takes time to help someone that is a little behind, and he makes sure that everyone gets what he’s teaching.”

Just as Mr. Hensley has helped students, he has passed wisdom to younger teachers too.

“I think a big thing that I have learned from Mr. Hensley is that even with how long he has been teaching, he is still trying to improve as a teacher,” Mr. Christian Cruze said. “That gives me comfort as a young teacher.”

Mr. Hensley has taught more than math in his time at GHS, as he taught students life lessons.

“To not give up on what you are trying to do learning wise or just a goal you have in general to go for it and achieve it,” Ethan Haessig said.

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