JJ goes Go Karting

Every guy has the need for speed and a dream to go fast once in his life.

Well, Speedway Indoor Karting gives students the chance to go as fast as they can with tons of twists and turns on their two-story indoor road course and oval track.

As a kid, I always dreamed about going fast, and going to Speedway Indoor Karting in Speedway gave me the opportunity to go fast and see exactly how good I am at racing against others.

I was put up against five other kids when I raced on the road course, and I know it is going to sound like a surprise, but I actually beat all of them. I felt like I was king of racing whenever I crossed the finished line in first place with a somewhat decent time.

I pulled into the pit stop all excited that I won… until I walked into the lobby and saw the kids I was racing take their helmets off, and they were just little kids, probably about 13 or so. That is when all my confidence went down the drain. I wondered why they were going so slow and I lapped them about a hundred times. After that, I did not really feel like I was on top of the world anymore.

I immediately started onto the next race on the oval track, and there were more people for this race.

We got about 10 laps on the oval track, and I was a speed demon. I was drifting around those turns like they were nothing. I mean what can I say, I am from the south, and if I can drift a horse down there, I can drift anything.

I was in second place for the majority of the race, and then about the eighth lap, I decided I was done playing with this fool in front me, so I pressed hard on the gas around the corner and took a commanding lead. After that, no one was going to catch me. I was able to lap a couple people before the race ended. I felt really good about myself after the race, and no they were not kids. They were actually adults, and I whooped them.

The cost to run one race on the road course cost about $27, and one race on the oval track was about $20. Participants can get a combo and run one race on each track for only $30 which is what I did. Also if a first time participant comes in. They’ll have them make an account and purchase a Speedway Karting license which is only $10.

Overall the experience at SIK was one to remember, and they will for sure see me there again soon.

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