From one generation to another

In Depth Team

Faith Evans, Hannah Heilman, Haley Pritchett

Phil Jackson, 1955

Mr. Phil Jackson graduated from GHS in 1955.

“We had 27 in our graduating class,” Mr. Phil Jackson, Class of 1955, said. “We still get together on occasion. It was a pretty darn good class. Our class had 27, and the next class had maybe 35, and the next class was 50. It just gradually increased.”

What students now know as Isom Elementary was Jackson’s high school.

“Our school was started where Isom is. All 12 grades were in one building; it was a two-story building,” he said. “It’s been torn down now. My senior year was when the middle school was finished. It became the new high school.”

The population of GHS currently is half the whole town’s population in 1955.

“It was 1955. If there was only 27 people in the class, you can imagine the size of the town,” Mr. Jackson said. “There used to be a sign on Madison Ave. that said, ‘Greenwood, Indiana population: 2499.”

In high school, dreams were the plans students knew. His plans changed from the military to teaching.

“I played three years of football, two years of basketball, a year of baseball. I was on the Student Council, and I was business manager for the annual. I was a typical jockhead,” Mr. Jackson said. “I wanted to join the Air Force right out of high school, but I couldn’t because I am color blind. There is a certain shade of green I can’t see. Teaching government and cleaning the auditorium was something I never thought I would do. You just have to be flexible.”


Bruce Hensley, 1973

Mr. Bruce Hensley graduated from GHS in 1973.

“Growing up in 1973 was a lot easier than kids growing up now,” Mr. Bruce Hensley, Class of 1973, said. “There weren’t so many things you had to worry about. When I was a kid in the summertime, there wasn’t a lot of responsibility. It was a simple life when I was in school.”

The high school before 1973 was the old middle school. The middle school and high school were together in one building.

“We came over to this building when I was a sophomore,” Mr. Hensley said. “I got to go to school in a ripe, new school. That was new because when I was in junior high, the junior high and high school were in the same building at the middle school. There have been changes, and there have been progress, but I still think this school is a lot like it was when I was in school.”

Unlike today, the only trend in 1973 was wearing jeans only on Fridays.

“There weren’t many trends, but I still remember people wore jeans on Fridays,” Mr. Hensley said. “Everyone really dressed up, and jeans weren’t something someone typically wore to school. Students didn’t wear a lot of jeans, and printed shirts weren’t around, so it was just plain shirts.”

Shelly Goodrich, 1978

Mrs. Shelly Goodrich graduated from GHS in 1978.

“I was a cheerleader. I look at a cheerleader as not just popular but energetic and an encourager to other people. So if you would say that represents a cheerleader, then I would say I am still other people’s cheerleaders today,” Mrs. Goodrich, current GHS administrative assistant, said.

In the late 70’s, the hippy style was incredibly popular.

“We wore bellbottom pants that were low rise with patches on them,” Mrs. Goodrich said. “We had long, straight hair that was kind of on the hippie side a little bit still. It started getting more preppy and more dressy my senior year.”

Mrs. Goodrich sent her children through Greenwood school.

“I went to school here, and my children went to school here,” Mrs. Goodrich said. “And now, I have grandchildren in the corporation. I love working here because I can be really involved with my family. Greenwood High School is pretty much like my family.”

Mrs. Goodrich advised the Class of 2018 to try new things.

“To the Class of 2018, make good choices and don’t be afraid to try new things,” Mrs. Goodrich said. “Just because you thought you had a path you wanted to go down, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a better plan for you, and explore those options.”


Pam Bandy, 1982

Mrs. Pam Bandy graduated from GHS in 1982.

She created the art that hung on the auditorium walls until last year’s renovations.

“Mrs. Wharton was the person that did drama and theater,” Mrs. Bandy said. “She had been somewhere and bought those tragedy and comedy faces, and she wanted them displayed in the auditorium. She knew that I was artistic so she asked if I would create a backdrop or a big mural using those to hang up in the auditorium. I think she wanted all the different areas of artistic expression as a part of it, like dance and theater, art and drawing; she just wanted the arts represented. In high school I worked on a lot of the sets, my dad and I painted a lot of the backdrops and I got to help with the makeup for The King and I, which was really fun.”

Mrs. Bandy still finds ways to use her artistic talents.

“I am still very artistic,” Mrs. Bandy said. “I don’t have as much opportunity or time, but I still do, from time to time, draw or paint for somebody. I can do pottery; I have a pottery wheel that I don’t get to use a lot, but it’s fun when I do. We make a lot of ceramic bereavement items, like hearts and butterflies, that go to different hospitals around here.”

Mrs. Bandy GHS prepared her for her future.

“I had a lot of good opportunities, and I was well-prepared for college,” Mrs. Bandy said. “I had opportunities to be involved in art and drama and things that other schools can’t provide.”

Nick Schwab, 1998

Mr. Nick Schwab graduated in 1998 from GHS.

“I was a middle of the road kind of guy, had a lot of friends and got a long with everyone,” Mr. Schwab said. “I always enjoyed watching my friends playing sports, hanging out with friends, stuff like that.”

A lot of the current trends originated from his high school days.

“Hyper color tee shirts, the shirts that change colors, were big. Zumba pants and starter jackets were around, too,” he said.

Mr. Schwab is right where he imagined he would be.

“I worked in the Parks Department when I was 15, so that experience kind of guided me to go to college and major in rec and sport management, and that’s where it all started,” he said.

Working at the Community Center, he is an active member in the Greenwood community.

“I love working in the community I grew up in,” Mr. Schwab said.


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