Students Compete at Domino’s Pizza

At Domino’s on a rainy Thursday morning, senior Anthony West and his peers from Miss Becky’s class finally got their time to shine.
West, along with other GHS students, arrive every Thursday while school is in session at the Greenwood Domino’s on Madison Avenue for their job training, which gives them preparation for life in the workforce after high school.
“The usual group is four boys. Each student has his or her own role in the store, and they do not hesitate to get to work when they arrive each week, never complaining about not wanting to work or being too tired,” Miss Becky Meyers, Special Education teacher, said. “They come right in and get right to work.”
The partnership between the GHS Special Education Department and Domino’s is still fairly young, beginning when Mr. Eric Sutliff became the store manager.
“Eric started the program five years ago when he was the store manager, and when he got promoted to supervisor, I took it over and have been continuing it since then, ” Mrs. Jamie Gorman, primary coordinator of the program and delivery driver for Domino’s, said.
The kids begin folding and stacking pizza boxes when they first arrive at the store, but one particular GHS worker stands out from the rest.
“By the time I park the bus and get inside, Anthony has got pizza boxes stacked about 22 high. He’s very, very fast,” Miss Becky said. “They showed him one time and boom. He caught on fast.”
West is indeed very quick and skilled at folding the boxes — so skilled that the store held a pizza boxing competition, and he won. West competed against fellow students and even Mrs. Gorman herself. In the final round, West racked up 15 folded boxes, beating fellow trainee and freshman Destiny Gootee who had nine completed boxes.
Domino’s gave awards for good work done this school year by the students at Domino’s. The event was open for parents and relatives of the kids.
“They (Domino’s) put all of this together because they were impressed by the kids’ work ethic and tasks that these guys do for them and take care of. They take care of all kinds of things like folding boxes and loading the boxes into trays by size. Doing these things help them learn to work under authority and be efficient in their work,” Miss Meyers said.
The staff realizes that the job market can be slim for students with special needs.
“This program provides them with different job experiences, so they can get jobs after school because finding jobs for them can be difficult,” Meyers said.

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