Service Learning Hosts 2nd Annual Slip N Slide Kickball Game

Students ran, kicked, splashed and laughed from pool to pool as others qued up to do it all again– all for a good cause.
On May 5, Service Learning launched its second Slip n’ Slide Kickball game. The game, consisting of three inflatable pools with four slip n’ slides between them, was organized to raise money for charity. They raised a total of $145.
“All of the money raised goes to March of Dimes, which is just a small organization that deals with premature deaths of babies and infants,” senior Andy Pollert said.
Pollert has personal connections to this charity, which is likely why the class chose the charity.
“I know personally that I’ve been affected. I’ve had family members who have had infants die prematurely, and I’ve had a best friend have one,” Pollert said. “I can guarantee that almost anyone in this school probably has had a friend or somebody who has had an infant die prematurely.”
The club learned to execute this event better than last year. They saw an increase in many areas their second time around.
“Turnout was really good. It was actually a lot better than last year. We had four teams, and a lot of people come and watch, and some service club members came,” Pollert said. “I’d say there was about 50 people.”
Members concluded that the project ran smoother this year than last not only because of the turnout, but also the weather and food situations.
“The event went ten times better than last year. We had more turnout and the weather was perfect. We even had Burger King donate food,” Pollert said.
Even though this event has only happened twice, the club recognized some of the things that hindered the first event and were prepared to solve them.
“I think this year went a lot smoother because I think we knew what to expect and how to do things,” junior Alison Hayes said.
Managing four teams and a crowd of students seems like a challenge, but it was the respectable manners of the students involved that helped keep things moving smoothly.
“Everybody was really nice and friendly. There wasn’t any fighting or any complications,” Hayes said.
This mix of competitive spirit and water-soaked play resulted in a game that entertained everyone, regardless of age.
“I think it went really well. The kids had a lot of fun, and the parents enjoyed watching the kids play,” junior Alexis Rees said.
The project ended up earning a total of $145 for the March of Dimes organiation, and a scholarship fund was started in honor of Drew Bass, a lost child that first inspired the kickball project.
“The Drew Bass Scholarship will be rewarded to a student graduating in the 2019 class. It is in honor of Drew Bass, and his family will choose a student who will recieve it. The scholarship will be worth aroung $2,000 and will hopefully be renewable. Also, the scholarship will be open to more students in upcoming classes after 2019,” Pollert said.

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