Pros and Cons of PowerHour

As another school year comes to a close, one of the talking points of the year has been PowerHour.

One of the aspects of PowerHour has been the amount of freedom and the ability to take advantage of one’s education. In previous years, many students have not had a study halls or classes during the day when they could study, do homework or catch up in their classes, PowerHour has given students that luxury, and it has made the school day much easier and less stressful. For students who had after-school events and were not able to complete homework or study after school, PowerHour has given them time to do both and in environments more beneficial to learning.

Another benefit to PowerHour has been student involvement. With the addition of PowerHour many new clubs and activities have been created to the benefit of students. Now students being involved in some clubs or teams does not require after-school time. This gives students chances to become involved in school activities as a well as make friends and become more social.  This allows students to have full school experiences as they go to class and attend a club all in one day

While PowerHour looks fantastic on paper and has had some great benefits, there was bound to be a certain number of problems. With freedom being a benefit to Power Hour, it is also one of the main possible detractors. The expectation is for every student to do the right thing during PowerHour, but with an hour of the day when students are potentially unsupervised, things can go wrong. Not every student is going to use this time to study or do homework. There will be a select few who will take advantage of this time to do the wrong things. That is a given when students have the power to take advantage of their own time, and it has happened.

As a whole, the creation of PowerHour for this school year was a very beneficial thing. The GHS administration should be thanked for bringing this to our school and for trusting the student body to use PowerHour well. I would love to see PowerHour here to stay, and I think the majority of students feel the same way.

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