Day in the Life of a Senior

Twelve Years. Twelve Years that the Class of 2018 has been sitting in desks 180 days a year, and their time is almost up.

Once again, another school year is ending, and another graduating class will leave GHS. However, there is just one issue: I am part of the graduating class this time around. Do not get me wrong, I am happy to have finished my final required years in school, but that does not mean I am not nervous about what is to come next, whether concerning the rest of this school year or what is to come after.

First, I am worried about finishing up the rest of this school year. I can remember hearing about senioritis during my freshman year and shrugging it off because it seemed like a special way to say procrastination. I kept thinking this until, well let’s just say, I was wrong. Lately, I have not been doing a great job at finding the motivation to do the simplest tasks. For example, in one class I had a paper due that I did not get completely done. Instead of waiting to turn it in, I turned it in unfinished because I knew I would never get to it. This has not happened in all my classes, and I am trying to get myself to do the homework given to me, but the underclassmen should take it from me: senioritis will kick in, and it will hit you like a truck.

Deadlines that need to be met before graduation are worrying seniors. The Class of 2018 recently had a class meeting where they received a list of all the stuff they needed to turn in or make sure they were ready for spanning April into May. Among these items were senior portrait money and order forms, a paper signed by the student’s diploma presenter, any scholarship to be recognized for, as well as the dates and instructions for Honors Day and commencement itself. For the most part, these forms are simple to fill out and give back to Mrs. Laug; however for some, there are tough choices to be made. I for one was stuck on figuring out who I wanted to hand me my diploma. I had four people who have had great influences on me through my high school career. In the end, I decided my dad, who teaches at GMS, would be the best choice because while the other three options had inspired me through four years, my dad has influenced me for my whole life.

The third concern on most seniors’ minds are grades. While the Senior Capstones are finished, there are still finals that can make or break a senior’s grades. I am perfectly fine in most of my classes, but there are those few classes that I need to make sure I do well in to keep an average grade. For those classes, I need to push past of senioritis and buckle down to study.

The last concern is what comes after graduation or, in some cases, before. The first part of this involves open houses. It takes a lot of work to get prepared for an open house, and so far, the hardest part for me has been getting the date just right. It has been difficult because not everyone can have his own day for an open house. I have found myself trying to schedule around other friends’ open houses, so I can go to theirs and they can go to mine.

Finally, college preparation is a must. For the seniors who are headed to college, there is still a lot to be done during the summer. Some seniors have their orientations during the summer.

Even though I am bittersweet about ending my 12 years with Greenwood Schools, there is still a lot that needs to be done before I can say goodbye.

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