Athlete Repeatedly Breaks Own Record

She defied the odds and set a new school record. Then, she did it again – twice.
Junior Emily Bonser is a budding star for the track and field team. She has been throwing shotput for six years and has led the girls’ team with her throwing abilities. Her career in throwing has involved more than just being strong, though.
“She’s very strong. She has a background in gymnastics. She’s done that forever, or over 13 years or something like that,” coach Blaine Williams said. “She has a lot of body awareness that a lot of other people don’t have because she knows how her body moves in space. A lot of people think shotput is all about who’s the strongest kid. It helps, but you also have to be aware of how all the moving parts of the throw interact.”
Not only has she learned to control her body better than most, Bonser has overcome a career-changing injury.
“I re-tore my ACL and meniscus last spring before regionals,” Bonser said. “I tore it during gymnastics the first day of Spring Break freshman year. I was out of all sports for nine months and had to have surgery.
Bonser has done more than just show up to practice to get to where she is at now.
“In my own, time I work out with my trainer, Rufus, two to three days a week to work on weightlifting and getting stronger as well as getting better body control and technique,” Bonser said. “I also just think a lot about what I can do to make my throws cleaner and smoother.”
Against all odds, Bonser has managed to recover from her injury and set the bar higher and higher for herself and other throwers. She broke the shotput distance record this season, passing Erica Cristy’s record from 2013, and then proceeded to break it two more times, the second time being at the Plainfield triangular meet on April 26.
“The first time she broke it, she threw 40’2”, and then she re-broke it last week and threw 40’3”. The previous record holder (Christy) held the record since 2013, and that was 39’9 ½”. After she left here, she went and threw at Franklin College and had a really successful career there,” Coach Williams said.
Aside from Bonser’s natural ability in shot put, her work ethic sets her apart.
“She’s definitely the hardest worker on the girls’ team,” Coach Williams said. “She wants to be the best thrower out there so she’s the one getting in all the reps and the extra reps at practice.”
Breaking the record creates a mood going into the conference meet and larger meets later in the season.
“Going into the conference meet this year I feel good because I see that I have a chance to win the whole meet, which is something that I never really thought I could do, considering my throws were four to five feet shorter last year.” Bonser said. “It definitely gives me more confidence going into the conference meet knowing I have a chance to win it if I focus on what I’m doing and do my best.”

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