Rocket Fizz Review

Located on Monument Circle in downtown Indy is a small, rustic shop housing hundreds of soda bottles, candy bars, and other bizarre trinkets.

A friend and I took a trip to Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop last month. For a Sunday afternoon, the store was pretty quiet, but the employees were still bubbly and excited to help us.

The two young women who helped us were very familiar with the tastes of all of the odd candies and sodas. We spent a lot of our time observing all of the weird and unique soda flavors, from butter to birthday cake, lining the walls of the store. By lining the walls, I mean there were rows and rows of bottles on the top and bottom of almost every wall and table in the one-room store, not to mention a few coolers in the back. The most common drink we found was root beer, as there were dozens of different brands.

Also on the walls were tons of vintage-style signs and posters, and some were even for sale. Similarly, there were also sepia prints of various movie scenes for sale as well. Other non-edible items included several prank items (like a fake ice cube with a bug in it, a two-headed nickel, and disappearing ink), Marvel-themed playing cards, a ton of Pez dispensers of various characters, and mugs featuring all sorts of pop culture aspects.

Before we left, however, we picked out several drinks and candy items to try. First, we bought bacon-flavored jelly beans, which were disgusting. They tasted like actual bacon grease, but their bright red color let me prank my sister, who assumed they were cinnamon-flavored. Another interesting product we tried was Milkita in the milkshake candy cappuccino flavor. The cappuccino flavor was extremely accurate, and it was neat to have coffee in a taffy texture. The final food item we got was a mango-flavored bag of “Jubes”, which were little plastic cubes containing and floating in coconut water. The packaging, as well as any websites we found, were in Japanese, providing us with no context on how to consume them. Because of this we just tried them alone. They tasted similar to other fruit flavored candy – refreshing – but the texture of the individual cubes were that of Jello, except they did not dissolve.

The soda flavors we brought home were Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, and a Japanese drink called Ramuné. Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy tasted exactly like the real thing and were delicious; if you like sweeter tasting drinks I definitely recommend this. Ramuné did not have a specific flavor, but it tasted like a carbonated various fruits drink.

Overall, visiting Rocket Fizz was a blast and I definitely will go again, mostly for the Birthday Cake soda.

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