Why Prom on a Friday

As spring rolls around every school year, there is excitement in the air. Students are on the home stretch of the school year, and many fun things are happening- one of them being Prom. But with Prom comes the stress and worry, and when Prom falls on a Friday many students find it troublesome.

Administrators feel that for the students to have an enjoyable prom experience, having Prom on a Friday is necessary.

“Prom is on a Friday because it costs so much more to go on a Saturday,” said Mrs. Erin Swisher, prom sponsor, “we are talking $6,000-$10,000 more for a Saturday.”

When girls think of Prom day, it takes efficient time management skills to plan everything needed to get ready.

“I’m good at managing my time and planning so I usually get most things planned out,” said junior Lauren Battinau. “I have been a little stressed previously because it can be hard to get all of the stuff done in such a short amount of time.

One problem that the school sees on Prom day is students leaving the school early.

“I had a friend from another school who was going to do my makeup had a choir event when we were going to do makeup so I had to leave 7th period,” Battinau said.

Senior Morgan Eastling agrees.

“With school ending at 2:30, you really only have a few hours to get ready and that doesn’t account for hair and makeup appointments,” Eastling said. “Girls then have to get out of school and then are threatened that they can’t go to Prom”

Although some students are better than others at getting prepared, many students still struggle.

“I usually have to leave school early, about an hour before I have an appointment, just to get ready in time,” said junior Anne Lowe.

Although there are valid reasons for Prom being on a Friday, some students hold the belief that a Saturday would be better.

“I think for the aspect of girls getting ready, a Saturday is better, but I like having a day in between Kings Island,” said Battinau.

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