The “pro” in promposals

Prom excites both genders, but it thrills many girls to the core. The monumental way of being asked to Prom is the promposal.

Although it may be overrated by some people, I find the gesture endearing, adorable, creative, and -in some cases- necessary. Since I am a sophomore, I have never been to Prom. I do believe that I have watched enough movies, and I have seen enough girls get ready for the dance to be just as excited. When Prom comes around in the spring, my adrenaline goes up as if it is embedded in my DNA.

Promposals are not necessary by any means. There are instances when a promposal may be crucial. If a guy and girl like each other, but the family does not like the guy. If the guy promposes, then the family might like him better. The grand gesture can often score points.

If one person likes someone and he has not confessed his feelings yet, then a promposal might come in handy. The action shows that one cares for the other, and the other person may be more open to dating. The two people may end up together in a relationship together all thanks to a promposal.

Girls seldom say what they really want; but they expect guys to already know they offer, get upset when they do not get something that they never even asked for. I speak on behalf of the girls: almost every girl wants a promposal. Promposals are light-hearted, fun, and just plain adorable. Along with her princess gear for Prom, she wants her prince to ask her in a fancy way that would never be expected. It doe not even have to be a promposal for people dating; friend promposals exist, too.

However, promposing is not all flowers and chocolates. Proposing for a guy takes guts and a lot of planning. There are ideas to sketch out, flowers to arrange with and lyrics to write. A guy can plan out the best promposal with the best ideas and the most expensive chocolates, and fail to catch his girl due to something as simple as confusing which period she has Spanish.

The gesture from the guy needs to wow the girl, (or vice versa). Weak promposals like simply asking casually or sending a small note should not be accepted. The promposal needs to be creative, and in the hectic whirlpool of period bells and homework can be tough to work with. However, students can use this to their advantage. Recruit friends to arrange the letters to “Prom?”, walk around a corner with a guitar during passing period, wait with flowers in the cafeteria – whatever creative approach that makes when, where and how you will prompose a complete mystery to the crush.

Mystery is fun to have in a relationship. Promposals add mystery to the relationship. One may never know when the other is going to prompose and what they are going to do. I am not one for a whole bunch of mystery because I hate surprises, but little bit of mystery for romance is always sweet.

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