Seniors shine through capstone

A ten minute presentation can determine a student’s future.

“A lot of people job shadow,” senior Morgan Eastling said. “I learned the aspects of real-world marketing. I also learned how I could be a leader while I was working in this field.

Senior Tim Johns experienced something he did not expect during his senior project.

“I job shadowed Doug Raker at Fire Station 20,” Johns said. “I learned the daily tasks that a fireman would complete on a regular basis, but the most unique thing about my project was that I saw a dead person on my very first shift. That was new for me.”

Other seniors spent time volunteering.

“I spent time at the Humane Society of Johnson County,” senior Brianna Duvall said. “I cleaned after animals, washed cages, walked dogs, and socialized with cats. I also helped customers with filling out adoption applications. I liked getting the dogs out for meet and greets with their new families.”

Senior projects are not only but job shadowing, but real projects that can change lives.

“I did a blood drive in honor of my cousin Charlie and my great friend Cooper Davis,” senior TJ Bass said. “I held the blood drive at the high school on March 6th. This was the perfect project to raise blood and know that I am saving lives. If I had the chance, I would definitely do that again.”

Since these seniors have experienced the senior project, they can help the juniors prepare.

“Doing your project over summer break is super important because once you get back to school, you are not going to have time,” senior Pat Kear said. “You are also not going to want to do it. It is best to get it done as fast as possible.”

Eastling did not get her hours over the summer. She used a different break.

“I did my entire project over fall break,” Eastling said. “I went Monday through Friday that week. It felt good to just finish it all over that break instead of spreading it out.”

Johns tells students to look to the future.

“Do something that will actually help you,” Johns said. “Make sure your project contributes to where you want to be. Don’t just do something because it seems fun at the time.”

Duvall took advantage of this advice.

“It will help me in the future because it gave me firsthand experience into dealing with animals,” Duvall said. “I learned it’s not all fun and playing games. It takes a lot of work to care for multiple animals. You have to make sure each and every one gets the love they need.”

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