Romeo & Juliet festival in the IMC

Several members of the freshman class grew mustaches and died from the plaque last week. Of course, they were participating in the Shakespeare Festival held in the IMC.

“For freshmen, we have four different festivals that we cycle through each year to keep the variety going and the interest high,” Mrs. Julia Reynolds, media specialist, said. “This year for freshman, it is Shakespeare, mostly focused on Romeo and Juliet since that is what they are studying in class.”

The students rotated through 12 different stations and were able to experience different aspects of 16th Century culture.

“It’s more than just the words, so students got to experience what the dance would look like and put their own stamp on it. It is nice to see that they can have their own take on it instead of just taking our word of it,” Mrs. Amy Kendall, English teacher, said.

The Shakespeare festival helped give students context for the play.

“The Shakespeare festival is important because it gives more context to what the students are reading, so they get to really understand the culture and the time period,” Mrs. Stephanie Senac, English teacher, said. “They experienced food, music, fashion, laws and rules of that time that will really help correlate to their understanding of the play.”
The festival was great for freshmen to experience something that they have not experienced before.

“I like the freshmen festival because they’ve never been through one of them before. For the freshmen, this is fun, this is different, this is new, and they’re excited to do it,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

At the festival, students could create pretty insults by tracing calligraphy, take pictures of themselves in period costumes, and so much more.

“Students had the opportunity to learn the moresca dance that Romeo and Juliet do when they first meet, and it adds to the experience,” Mrs. Reynolds said.

Students enjoyed being immersed in the culture that once was.

“I loved how they end up falling in love, so I liked learning about everything, like the dances and how they dressed,” freshman Alyssa Sauers said.

The festival encouraged students to explore for themselves.

“It’s important to get students out of the classroom, especially with Shakespeare that is so active. It’s good to get people feeling that, so they’re really living it and learning it in their bodies,” Mrs. Kendall said.


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