The grand gesture of promposals are light-hearted, fun, and just plain adorable.

The proper promposal is by asking with what your significant other loves.

“The key to promposals: make it something the person actually likes, not just you,” senior Trevor Rightor said.  “If you want to do a promposal, and want to be successful, then you should probably do something your significant other cares about.”

Promposing at unexpected times leave the other person speechless and excited.

“Dillon Cloyd asked me asked me to prom while we were playing a game of uno during PEER class with some friends. He put down a card with the words, “Katie, can we get wild at prom?” handwritten on it,” senior Kaitlyn Ott said. “We played uno together many times together in the past, and he wanted to catch me off guard. I was definitely not expecting it at the time, but of course I said yes.”

In some cases of promposing, the girl promposes to the guy.

“During spring break, I was in New York, and, at the time, we were skiing. My friend’s parents jokingly said to carve, “prom?” in the snow, then FaceTime my boyfriend, Andrew Welling, while on the ski lift,” senior Kaylynn Riley said. “We’ve been dating for a while, so I actually thought it was a good idea considering it was simple but creative.”

Since girls promposing to guys isn’t a common ritual, Riley had her boyfriend speechless.

“At first, when we didn’t have paint on the snow, he didn’t know what was going on,” Riley said. “The second time FaceTimeing him, we had paint. He was surprised, and thought it was really creative.”

Rightor plans on doing the basic promposal, but music is important to his S.O., so his promposal will be music themed.

“My promposal is probably going to be like most people’s,” Rightor said. “It’s probably going to be just make a poster. What I’m going to do is: go buy a poster, buy tons of colorful markers, and the poster is going to be music themed. There’s going to be music notes and her favorite band.”

Puns are a popular way of asking to promposal.

“I asked my girlfriend, Courtney Conway, on her birthday. I brought a giant stuffed teddy bear to her house and a birthday cake that said, “Prom would be unBEARable without you,” junior Rowen Garza said. “She was speechless at first, but she enjoyed it and was really happy afterwards. I think she expected it, but not on her birthday.”

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