Promposals ruin sentimentality

Every spring it seems impossible to scroll through a social media feed without seeing something related to one topic: Promposals.

Nowadays, it seems like more couples are finding more ingenious ways to ask their dates to the Prom. It’s a fun way to ask a date out no doubt, but it seems like Promposals are becoming expected. Instead of just asking people out, almost everyone with a date expects a Promposal. Sure, it is fun, but it should not become a social normality for every single couple.

One of the reasons that it should not become a social norm is that it takes away some of the sentiment of asking someone out. I feel like Promposing has some emotion to it no doubt, but like I said, a Promposal is more expected than it used to be. Due to this, I feel like some of the emotion is lost in expectation because it is not much of a surprise as Promposals used to be. It is more fun not to know if there is going to be a Promposal or not than if people automatically assume they are going to receive one. This point is more valid because if someone does not get what he/she expects, he/she is are not going to be a happy camper. This leads me to my next point.

Promposals, in my opinion, are similar to blackmail. When people do not get what they expect, they become sour. However, sometimes pessimism forms when there should not be any. Just this year, I heard a case where someone was planning to decline a date if they did not go all out for a Promposal. This is the definition of insane. If someone truly liked someone, they should not need an extravagant request for a date. Furthermore, just because someone does not do what their date expects them to, does not mean they do not love you in their own way.

There are many reasons for someone not to Prompose. For one, what they have planned may be expensive. Sometimes, if someone has a grand plan for a Promposal, it can end up being more expensive than the Prom itself. I had witnessed a Promposal at a Sectionals meet. The person ended up buying a ticket to a concert for the other that for sure costed more than the Prom ticket. Personally, I would not want to spend a fortune to ask someone out. Now, I understand that there are people who do not spend that much and do not expect an extravagant Promposal, but this is for people who do go all out when it comes to Prom.

Promposals can be a fun and great way to ask someone out, but it should not be expected by every single person and should definitely not become a social normality due to the nature of the trend itself. There are better ways to show love that will last longer than reading that one-worded question that will only last five seconds.

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