My $50 Date

It was around five when Ian picked me up so we could go to the concert. We were going to see the band AJR for their The Click tour. Honestly I had never heard of AJR but I knew Ian liked the band, so I got him these tickets for Valentine’s Day. I spent around a month secretly listening to AJR’s music, trying to get a feel for what type of band they were, before giving Ian his gift.

The concert was held at the Old National Centre in the Egyptian Room. When we got to the Old National Centre, there was already a long line outside of the building. Sadly, Ian and I were not dressed warm enough for the cold weather, but maybe too warm for the small room we were about to enter. We waited outside for around ten to fifteen minutes before we got inside. There were three lines for going through metal detectors which was why the line took a while to get through. When we finally got through security, we followed the crowd to the Egyptian Room because we had no idea where to go. The Egyptian Room started to fill up fast. I was surprised by how many people of all ages were there because, no offense, I thought it was just a band for teenagers and kids. Ian and I pushed our way to the middle of the room stuck behind two extremely tall boys, but also in front of a group of teenagers blowing vape rings  and clouds. The smell of the alcohol and the vape juice was not a pleasant mix, but that did not stop Ian and I  from having a good time at the concert.

The surroundings of the room was nice, there were nice lights hanging from the ceiling and the background of the stage was the album cover to AJR’s album.  When the lights turned off the crowd began to cheer loudly and because it was an indoor concert, it was extremely loud in there. The first opener to come out was a band called Hundred Handed. I had no idea who they were, but the crowd really seemed to enjoy them. The two guys infront of us were more jumping around than dancing which was amusing to watch. Ian and I didn’t know the band or their songs so we stood in the crowd awkwardly. Although, they did play a remix of one of their songs collaborated with Post Malone’s song Congratulations. After Hundred Handed played a few songs the lights turned back on and we waited for the second opener. The second opener was a band called Ocean Park Standoff. Just like the first band, Ian and I had no idea who they were or any of their songs. Both bands were cool but in my opinion they weren’t my type of music. After Ocean Park Standoff played their set of songs, AJR finally came out.

AJR’s first song was the Overture from their The Click album, which was basically a remix of all of their songs from that album into one song. The environment was a lot of fun because the lights were bright and the whole crowd was singing and dancing along. I think the only problem I had was that I was starting to get very hot in the small, crowded room. What was cool about the concert was that Jack Met, one of the three brothers, would talk to the crowd after a couple of songs, instead of just playing through their newest album. During the concert they played their newest single called “Burn the House Down” which was released on March 23.

Just as the concert was close to ending, the crowd was not ready for it to end. The whole room filled with cheers to hopefully convince the band to sing one last song. AJR played one of their hit songs, Weak, as the encore. The concert was awesome, and the date itself was a lot of fun.

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