Make a difference in someone’s story

As much as people may joke, our generation is not a sensitive generation.

A lot of people, myself included, get wrapped up in their own problems and stop noticing what is going on in the world around them. Or, even worst, we contribute to other people’s problems either accidently or on purpose. This situation can lead to other people feeling isolated and alone even within crowds of people.

The way I look at it is that every single student has his or her own story. Just like any other story, students have their own set of characters, their own set of conflicts and, hopefully, their own set of solutions. Not everyone is willing to let other people read them like a book, though. Many people hide their books away and let the dust collect over their seams and their pages start to yellow.

Usually they do not do this because they do not want to share their stories, but they do not know where to start sharing them so others understand why they are the way they are. Many times these people might feel like what they have to say is insignificant or weird and that revealing their true thoughts and feelings could turn people away from them. Others might have stories they are so sad about that they do not even know how to take the first steps to sharing with someone else.

Being alone is not a pleasant feeling, and if it is combined with other factors, that sense of loneliness could lead to someone feeling hopeless. Being hopeless could lead someone into depression. And, depression could lead someone to unthinkable measures.

I challenge everyone to be more dominant characters in other people’s lives, or to step down from their positons as the villains in other people’s stories. I challenge everyone to notice the world around them and to search for the stories no one else is looking for. I challenge everyone to become the super heroes who swoop in to save the day. I challenge everyone to make a difference and to be the good plot twist in someone’s story.


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