JJ bends with goats

When I think of yoga, I think of a calm and relaxing event inside a quiet room with no distractions. Well Tag Along farms has alternatives for doing yoga. They mix baby goats and yoga. Yes, I said baby goats, and there are a bunch of them.
Goat Yoga is not an average yoga class. The goats are so young and energetic that people really play more with the goats than actually doing yoga. The goats bounce around and jump on top of those doing yoga while they get into certain poses.
I was laughing so hard I could not get into any of the poses that Chia Bush, the yoga instructor, was telling me to do. The goats were literally surrounding me like a paparazzi, and I could not do anything because they were either on top of me or chewing on my clothes or even my hair. The goats started becoming very interested in my clothing and eventually chewed multiple holes through my shirt.
One of the goats became very fond of me and would not let any of the other goats near me or else she would head butt them. The goats were all female by the way, so it did not surprise me they were fighting over me. I mean, come on, what girls do not want to be with me.
The goats were approximately two months old and were so tiny. I literally felt like I was going to hurt them every time I picked them up because they were so light and felt so fragile. Overall, there were eight goats, and they were not the kind of goats that just lay around. As soon as they got out of their cages, they were bouncing around, chewing on grass and clothes, jumping on top of objects or people.
I honestly had a blast at goat yoga, and I was able to meet a lot of new people with great ideas about spreading goat yoga to other parts of the nation. Goat yoga originally started out in Oregon and has spread as far as from Tennessee to Michigan. The main idea for goat yoga was to give the goats more human interaction and as a kind of stress relief class for people. Chia Bush is the instructor of the goat yoga classes, and she did an amazing job directing me and making me suffer through the different poses.
Mrs. Kosh is the owner of Tag Along farms, located 45 minutes away near New Palestine. She plans to spread goat yoga by hosting camps over the summer for kids of all ages and possibly expanding the animal variety by bringing in the other animals from her farm.
Goat yoga will last through September or October. Classes take place every Saturday at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., but make sure to call in early for reservations. Spots fill up fast. The price for a regular class is $20 and $100 for a private class, which is what I did. I recommend a private class because I got the full experience with all the goats.
I am very grateful for Mrs. Kosh giving me the opportunity to come in and interact with the goats and also get a bit of a workout. Tag Along farms is located on 251 E. Jefferson St. in Franklin or visit their website at studioyouyoga.com under goat yoga.

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