How to: Get ready for Prom

The main way to prevent over-the-top stress next Friday is planning ahead.
Ideally, dresses should have been purchased weeks ago so there was plenty of time to get alterations. More often than expected, the alterations do not turn out exactly as desired, so it will be much easier to solve any problems with a time cushion.
It is also important to schedule appointments in advance. Spots fill up quickly, so the sooner appointments are made the better. It is crucial to keep in mind that not only does GHS have Prom next weekend, but so do many other schools as well. Therefore, chances of getting last-minute appointments before next Friday are slim to none. Also, everyone arriving at salons for Prom up-dos should take photos of what they want with them so they do not arrive at the salon without any idea what to tell the stylist. And, do not add to the appointment. Prom night is not the time suddenly to decide to try a new hair color or cut.
If you have not made hair, nail and tanning appointments by now, you might need to move to Plan B. It is time to start brain storming ways to get ready for Prom without the help of others. Practicing hair and makeup this weekend would be the best option. Also, nail appointments will be filled so many will have to settle for doing nails at home. Instead of tackling this all on your own, make plans to get together with other girls right after school on Prom day to help each other with make-up, hair and nails. Surely, older sisters and mothers will be eager to help as well.
The last thing students want on their Prom night is to be too burnt to dance. Be mindful of any tanning bed plans close to Prom. It is also unfortunate when a clean, white dress turns to orange because the spray tan does not have enough time to dry completely. Take care of the tan a day or two before next Friday.
Morning Preparations
Although a Friday night Prom is not ideal because of the time crunch, there is no changing it so embrace it. Having everything laid out before leaving for school next Friday morning could save a surprising amount of time. Have the dress or tux ready to put on and the shoes ready to step into. Do not forget to lay out underwear, and guys need to remember their socks, too. Searching for those small missing items after school next Friday could stress Prom attendees out when they should be preparing for a fun night.
Pre-Prom Photos
Students who are planning to pose for Prom photos before the dance need to work out the details thoroughly before next Friday. Know who is going to be included and specifically where you are going to meet at what time. Although this seems like a minor point in the night, it is important that it is well-organized so no one gets left out. Also, it is important that parents communicate. It is difficult on everyone if it takes 15 minutes to take only one photo. Having parents make agreements on sharing photos will save time and patience. It is also smart to think of unique places to get photos. There are a few landmarks in Greenwood where everyone wants to go for photos. Craig Park and the Gazebo downtown are just two of them. But, when several groups gather for photos at the same places, the delay can cause major issues as students race to get to the Prom venue on time. In order to avoid this, think of lesser known places to take photos or simply meet at someone’s house for photos.
Enjoy the Prom
Overall, it is important to enjoy the process and not stress too much; Prom is supposed to be fun.

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