Freshman on Varsity Baseball

Hard work and determination is key to be successful in sports. Late nights, early mornings, and countless hours spent training all to play the game that they love. An athlete’s high school sport is what they have trained for, and gives them an opportunity to achieve their goals that they have worked so hard for.

In order for athletes to achieve their goals their time and effort is key to making them better.

“I have given up a lot of my time in order to better my game,” freshman Parker Jones second basemen said. “I have to stay focused and realize that I need to be giving hundred percent while training.”

As a freshman playing a varsity sport it is very difficult to keep up with the upperclassmen of the team.

“I definitely can’t slack off,” Jones said. “I can’t skip reps or be lazy working out because I have to pull my weight for the team.”

It is very important to look at the skill of a player rather than the class in which the player is in.

“While trying out for the team I try to look at the boys try out as a whole rather than separating them into their grades,” Baseball coach Andy Bass said.

Although all the odds are against underclassmen to play a varsity sport, there are some whose love for the game and determination to get better help them succeed.

“I have definitely put in a lot of work to improve my game,” Jones said. “Baseball has always been my favorite sport and I can’t wait to continue to improve my game throughout my high school season.”

The game does speed up in the varsity especially with freshman playing.

“Biggest adjustment is probably pitching,” Bass said. “Especially with the pitchers in our conference with D1 pitching recruits who can pitch up to 85 to 90 miles an hour which can be a big adjustment for players who have just seen their grade level pitching. The kids are also a little bit stronger and a little bit faster.”

Staying focused is primitive for a freshman playing up in their high school sport.

“I definitely have to make sure I don’t slack off and keep my mind focused on the game and why I’m there,” Jones said.

In order to have underclassmen play up they must be very coachable and be willing to better their game.

“I have always had the belief that if a freshman and junior are at the same skill level it is better to work with the freshman because they have four years playing for my team rather than a junior who only has two years left.” Bass said.

Baseball players are continuing to push through the season even with the new faces joining the team.

“I definitely think that it will take some time to bond with the team,” Jones said. “Moving throughout the season we just have to have more team bonding and make sure that we encourage each other on and off the field.”





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