FCA helps the homeless

On April 14, students in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) partnered with Tear Down the Walls Ministry to revitalize homeless areas in downtown Indianapolis.
For more than 12 years, Tear Down the Walls Ministry has been serving the Indianapolis community.
“Tear Down the Walls Ministry was a ministry started by Brian Walls who wanted to shatter the stereotype of homeless people, and the whole goal is to reach out into the community and help people who are less fortunate,” Mrs. Stephanie Senac, FCA sponsor, said.
Tear Down the Walls has multiple parts to its ministry.
“They have the community garden, and they also have a place where homeless people who want to make a lifestyle change can live,” senior Maddy Carlson said. “They can help work around their ministry, and it gives them job experience and training so that they can go out and get a job. They also work to help people in the neighborhoods break racial tension, and just get to know their neighbors so that they can make an impact on them. At night, they walk the streets of Indianapolis and pass out meals and witness to them.”
For more than a month, FCA collected toiletry items and prepackaged food from students at GHS.
“The goal of the project was to collect items that we donated on the day FCA volunteered,” senior Alyssa Roscoe said. “It’s a way for the whole school to be a part of the project and for us to start connecting with this organization.”
Students and sponsors from FCA worked in the homeless area to revitalize the space.
“We painted a room in the home that will house homeless people, pulled weeds in their vegetable and fruit garden, took apart an old greenhouse, and cleaned out a chicken coop,” Roscoe said.
With the ministry being in Indianapolis, it was eye-opening for students to realize that homelessness is so close to them.
“It really impacted me a lot more than I expected,” Carlson said. “I’d heard people say ‘inner-city ministries’ and things like that, and I just didn’t really know what it meant because I never had any experience with that. I’m a very mission-minded person: I want to travel the world, impact people, help develop their communities and tell them about Jesus and things like that. But it was crazy for me to see that we have that very same need only 30 minutes away in Indianapolis, and even here in Greenwood. When you actually see the need with your own eyes, it’s very impactful. When I saw all of these broken down homes I really didn’t feel like I was still in Indianapolis.”
FCA wanted to help others.
“The goal was to reach out to people in our community and show the love of Christ and be the hands and feet of Jesus and show students that serving others is beneficial on both sides,” Mrs. Senac said.
Overall, the experience impacted GHS students.
“I really enjoyed helping the organization,” Roscoe said. “The couple that runs it was so friendly, and I loved hearing how they use their garden, animals, and homes to help the homeless around them. They truly immerse themselves in a community to try to understand what they are going through, and we got to help them with projects.”

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