Light up the night this Friday

The second annual Light up the Night  police walk will take place this Friday at the Greenwood amphitheater.

Four service learning students- Maddie Bright, Chloe Mattison, Olivia Ochsner, and  Shelby Buster created this event last year. This year, the four organized the event with the help of the Service Learning class.

“We created the event because we wanted to shine light on police officers and the sacrifices that they make to protect our community while the media is constantly showering them in negativity,” senior Bright said.

The walk, along with the service learning class in general, is meant to bring unity between the community and students.

“The police walk represents a group of high school students coming together to make a difference within the community,” Bright said.

At the walk, there will be opportunities to donate. One way to donate is to participate in the silent auction.

“We have oil therapy, summer fun, paintball games, and other miscellaneous items to suit everyone,” Mattison said. “It’s important to donate because the silent auction and the project in general is supporting the men and women who keep us safe everyday. All the money made from the silent auction goes directly into the fund for the injured police officers. The silent auction last year raised over $300.”

There will also be a toy drive for Lieutenant FN Allen’s family.

“This year will be different than last year because we are holding a toy drive for the children of fallen officers Allen and Koontz,” Bright said.

The walk will also have games as well.

“The games will have this year are an obstacle course, red light green light, and we will hopefully have a K-9 team there also. We have a group of games for younger kids that revolve around kids becoming junior police officers. We also plan on having a few games for the adults and those who don’t want to participate in the junior officer event,” Ochsner said.

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