Editorial: online Prom ticket sales

April 6, 2018 – Prom Ticket Update: The fee for purchasing Prom tickets on line will be waived from now on, and all students who have purchased and paid that fee will receive fee refunds.


GHS Prom tickets are now only being sold online. This means students have to pay an extra fee to be able to purchase tickets.

The online ticket sales come with a host of problems, but the most annoying aspect of the new system is that students have to pay a service charge. This $3.50 charge doubles when purchasing tickets for a date because each ticket must be purchased individually, and each transaction requires another service fee. This causes students who work part time jobs to add even more money to the cost of Prom, especially since students are no longer able to purchase the reduced couples ticket, like past years. We are not saying Prom should be extremely inexpensive because we enjoy the classiness and maturity of the experience, but we do believe that inconveniences like this cause unneeded stress.

Some students are not struggling for money, so the $7 service charge might not bother them for the two tickets for which they paid full price. The online services comes with many other problems. Students without internet access have been told that if they cannot purchase the tickets on their own time, they should purchase a pre-paid Visa card that involves yet another fee or have friends purchase the tickets for them. Students were also told they can give money to the athletic secretary, and tickets will be purchase for them. This means students are no longer in control of their money. They are trusting that others will do exactly what is expected of them, which would make anyone nervous. It also worries some students that the tickets they purchased do not have the guests’ name on the tickets; the tickets only show who purchased the tickets. Students have been told to insert their names, grades and schools into a text box that informs purchasers that it is only used for “Last name, First name.” Students worry if their names will be recorded correctly and if they will be denied at the door.

Students are also required to know their STN number to purchase tickets online. With the miniscule 11-day deadline, this could cause many problems as some students may not know their codes but cannot give up their PowerHours or leave their classes to see the administration for their numbers.

Students understand that Prom and Post-Prom are ran by different organizations, but most students have voiced their opinions that they wish it would go back to signing up at a table like Post-Prom. Timberlines suggests that if the Prom Committee wants to try the online system, we also allow purchasing a physical copy at the school as an alternative.

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